Westinghouse Scandinavian Design 4-Slice Toaster

Category: Appliance Series, Appliances, Faux Wood Series
    • WIDE SLOTS: Our 4-slice toaster features extra-wide slots designed to accommodate standard sliced bread, thick bagels, waffles, English muffins, and more. Perfect for serving up a variety of toasted breakfast goods to the whole family.
    • 3 CONTROL MODES: Featuring 3 different settings – Bagel, Reheat, and Defrost – to meet all of your toasting needs. Whether you’re defrosting frozen bread or trying to get the perfect toast on your bagel, our toaster has you covered.

  • PRECISION CONTROL: Say goodbye to burnt or underdone toast! Achieve your desired level of browning with our easy-to-use dial control. Every slice comes out just the way you want it, every time; from lightly toasted to crispy golden brown.
  • EVEN TOASTING: Each toaster slot is designed with self-centering guides that ensure each slice is evenly toasted on both sides. Uniformed browning guarantees consistent crispness with every bite for a delightfully satisfying crunch.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Our removable tray catches all crumbs and debris, making cleanups a breeze. Simply remove the tray and dispose of the crumbs to help keep your kitchen and countertops clean and tidy. Savor your food without worrying about the mess!

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