Toaster Oven

Category: Appliances, Countertop Appliances, Countertop Ovens

Thermostat to regulate temperature up to 230 °C
Defrost, Broil/Rotisserie, Toast/Convection and
Bake functions
120 minute timer with stay on
4 stainless steel heating elements
Power indicator lamp
Accessories: bake tray, bake rack, tray/rack handle,
rotisserie handle, rotisserie forks
Rotisserie function & convection function (Optional)

WKTOCR30                                              WKTOCR42                                                             WKTOCR52

30 L capacity                                              42 L capacity                                                      52 L capacity
1600W, 220-240V~                                    1800W, 220-240V~                                            Inner lamp
2000W, 220-240V~


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