Bamboo Series Toaster WKTTF04BB

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Toast Your Mornings to Perfection with the Eco-Friendly Westinghouse Bamboo Toaster

Introducing the Westinghouse Bamboo Toaster, where sustainable style meets perfectly browned bread. This beautiful toaster seamlessly blends natural bamboo with top-tier features, elevating your mornings with delicious toast and a touch of green consciousness.

Embrace Sustainability without Compromising Performance:

  • Unique Bamboo Design: Start your day with a touch of nature’s warmth and beauty. The toaster’s elegant bamboo panels add a unique and eco-friendly touch to your kitchen.
  • 2 Extra Long Slots: Accommodate any bread size, from thick artisan slices to classic sandwich bread, with the dual self-centering slots that ensure even browning.
  • Effortless Toasting Options: Choose from 4 dedicated functions: Bagel for even toasting, Defrost for frozen bread, Reheat for yesterday’s treats, and Cancel for immediate stopping.
  • Intuitive LED Indicators: Navigate easily with illuminated buttons that clearly signal your chosen function.
  • Precision Browning: Achieve your perfect shade, from light and golden to deeply toasted, with the adjustable browning control knob.
  • Warm Your Pastries: Keep croissants, muffins, and bagels delightfully warm on the built-in warming rack while your toast prepares.
  • Easy Cleaning: No more crumbly messes! The removable stainless steel crumb tray ensures effortless cleaning and hygiene.


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